Justin explains his Prince tribute and why.

     If you know me you know I'm the biggest Prince fan.  His musicianship is second to none which is why when Justin said he was performing a tribute to the Great Purple One I was hesitant.  First Prince's family and fans know how strict he was with his music which is why there will always be some controversy (no punt intended) about people using his music.  He was extremely picky about who used his music and why.  Now that he is no longer here his family try to do what they feel he would want to do with his music.  Sheila E. a long time collaborator of Prince said she didn't like the idea of Justin using a hologram of Prince.  She felt Prince wouldn't want that.  She was even quoted as saying he told her personally to never let them use a hologram of him if she was still here and he wasn't and that he was a devoted Jehovah Witness and the hologram might be too spiritual.  So with all that media attention on wether or not Prince would want that and all the negative comments about Justin doing this tribute it made me feel some kind of way.  Like would this be the right thing?  Would Prince really be against this?  What will this tribute look like?

     Well I watched Justin's performance and I was impressed.  The show was well orchestrated and the Prince tribute I thought was well done.  As everyone I noticed that there was no hologram. What had happened?  Was it all hype?  Was there some kind of malfunction?  Or was this the plan? To my surprise I thought it was well done.  The entire performance was great and the tribute was awesome.  Then I wondered what did Justin feel about his performance?  

     I saw his interview on Jimmy Fallon and he explained why he dis the tribute and when I heard his reason behind it I kind of felt his emotion too.  Prince was an amazing artist but he was also a huge inspiration to so many people especially people in the music business.  Justin said to him Prince is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time) of musicians and many would agree.  As a DJ I get the chance to spin Prince's music and pay homage to him by playing his classics.  If I were a singer/musician like Justin and had the opportunity to do something like that to pay tribute to my favorite artist of all time would I do it?  ABSOLUTELY!  Hit the video and listen to Justine's reason behind the Prince tribute and I think you will agree. 




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