J Lo and Cardi B dropping a song together!

 So it looks like the two Latina bombshells are dropping a single called "Dinero" (Money) and plan on a video to soon follow.  J Lo says she's not sure what the video will look like yet but she is sure it will be something nice.  Cardi B is gleaming in her new found shiny hit record "Finesse" which she dropped with Bruno Mars.  the song was and is a huge hit.  Is Cardi B that lucky charm?  It seems everything she touches lately turns gold or in some cases platinum.  I know one thing if J Lo gets in her dance bag and starts hitting those In Living Color moves the video will be an instant smash!  HIt the link for full story.  Check out Cardi B video below.  EEooowwww!   LOL!  Ok..too much? 

 J Lo confirms song with Cardi B



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