BIG & Tupac murders solved?!

A detective is claiming to know who shot Tupac and BIG and why.  This is a real hard thing to even imagine but according to this detective BIG was shot in retaliation for Shakur's murder.  His investigation has led him to believe that Suge Knight hired a Blood member to kill Biggie in retaliation for Tupac . BIG was an innocent victim.  BIG was killed because Tupac was killed.  It's a sad story.  Both of their deaths were a big blow to Hip Hop and brought light to the violence that was going on behind the scenes between the two rappers.  As the report stated they will never have justice because everyone except Suge and Puff are dead.  He said Suge is in for life and Puffy is "untouchable".  Hit the video and hit this link to read more about this explosive report. 

Tupac and BIG murder solved? 



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