WATCH: Bow Wow Says Diddy Called Him A "Legend"

Not sure how much to trust Bow Wow lately, since he's been caught a bit embellishing things, especially on social media, so in a new interview, he raised our eyebrows a bit when he said that Diddy pulled him aside and told him that he was a "f--ing legend".

Billboard reports:

“I remember, probably after I left y’all, I went to L.A., it was me and Puff. I went to Puff’s house," Bow Wow recalled, quoting Diddy: "'Look at me, bro. You a f---ing legend, bro. Cut the bullsh-- out, I see you pumping the brand -- I don’t wanna see sh-- else.'”

Check out the video below -- it starts at about 5:00. NOTE: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

Do you buy it?



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