Did you sleep on Tribe Called Quest's new LP?

Couple things you need to know.  This record and video has been out since November of 2016.  This album has been out just as long.  The video has over 4.7 million views.  So why is it that people are just starting to hear about it?!  It's unexplainable in a way but some might say the Hip Hop field has been so saturated with Trap and slow grinding Rapp songs Tribe's uptempo Hip Hop tracks might have gotten overlooked?  Well maybe not by their hard core fans but when it comes to the general "listening public" it seems or may appear as though they may have missed it somehow.  Tribe said they had a big announcement today and as I type this article there is still no announcement.  A Tribe album and tour is what Hip Hop just might need right now.  Check out this crazy Hip Hop record.