There Is Now A Shower Curtain That Lets You Binge Watch During Your Shower

I'm not sure there was anything we ever needed more than this (OK, not really, but it would be pretty cool, right?). There's a new shower curtain out there that is entirely clear, but has a ton of slots for your phone and tablet, so that you can watch Netflix or do whatever you want on it, WHILE you're in the shower! 

It's only $27, which seems like a pretty good deal if you asked me HA...

The official description is:

"Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet in the shower. 100% waterproof. Even use your camera. Features multiple phone and tablet sized pockets on outside to hold your device. Different height levels for everyone from tall adults to children. Touch interaction from the inside of the shower or bath, change songs, play games, scroll through the news."

If you wanna check out more, find it here.... you're welcome!