New rapper Lil Xan says Tu Pac's music is boring.

Some might say that everyone doesn't have to like Tu Pac or Biggie or Big L or Guru or Heavy D.....I could go on.  Some might say this kid is too young to even know who Tu Pac was.  Lil Xan has a huge fan base and has many young followers.  He said in an interview that he found Tu Pac's music boring. This didn't sit well with many in the Hip Hop community.  Most recently Waka Flaka Flame who said Lil Xan is banded from Hip Hop for the comment.  Not sure if all of Lil Xan's fans really care what Waka has to say and to be honest there are many people who think Waka's music is boring and far from what the true students of the genre call Hip Hop.  In other words not everyone is going to like your music.  With that said Waka does have a point as far as Lil Xan not having a clue as to why he shouldn't say things like that out of respect.  Bottom was disrespectful especially knowing how many fans Tu Pac has left behind.  Let us not forget the recent updates on Tu Pac's murder and how BIG was murdered in retaliation for Tu Pac's killing.  A new special will be airing confronting many questions that still have gone unanswered for all these years.  Who killed Tu Pac and Biggie?