'The Sopranos' Getting A Movie Prequel Set In Newark, NJ

It's not a sequel to that culture-defining 'blackout' moment at the end of the series, but we're still getting some new Sopranos stuff, and it's going to be a movie PREQUEL, set in, of course, New Jersey (where the original series was set).

PhillyVoice reports:

"Deadline reported on Thursday that New Line Cinema, part of Warner Bros Pictures Group, had purchased the screenplay "The Many Saints of Newark," the working title for a movie prequel of "The Sopranos." The script was written by Chase and Lawrence Konner, who worked as a writer on the show, and is set in the era of the 1960s Newark race riots, according to the report. Although Chase would not give away any plot details, the time period alone suggests that the stories of many characters in the series, including the late James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano, will not be expanded upon in the film."