Lil Wayne & Birdman squash beef? Reunite?

From what I can recall this whole feud started over money and lots of it.  I remember hearing 52 million, 70 million and more.  Then the whole thing about where will Drake and Nicki Minaj go?  Which reminds me does Birdman still get a chunk of their bread too?  Birdman seems to be going through some financial difficulties how much we don't know.  If the (pigeon noise here) Birdman is is need of some cash maybe swallowing a little crow (punt intended) and reuniting with Lil Weezy is not a bad idea after all they made millions together.  I mean they argue that Birdman kept it all but who really knows?  Either way the  internet loves the idea of these guys being friends again and who knows maybe even get back into the studio.  Only time will tell.  We all know money.