Li Xan should READ Tu Pac's "Changes"

You know I don't expect Lil Xan to be a Hip Hop historian or know about every Hip Hop artist that ever made an impact on Hip Hop although that would be nice.  I do wish that Lil Xan and some of his counter parts would do some research on artist that have not only paved the way for them but made a huge impact on the genre as a whole.  When we say "Hip Hop Artist" that's what we mean in every sense of the word.  I remember when most stations wouldn't even play Hip Hop.  Some of the earlier stations that played Hip Hop only had one day.  Along the way DJs, Radio Jocks, artists etc. fought to get songs played on the radio, artists booked at clubs and concert venues and promoting the culture. These are the people that I suggest Lil Xan research and educate hisself on the origins of the genre.