Diddy, Stephen Curry want to buy NFL Panthers.

This is big in a number of ways but let's start with how Diddy came up with the idea.  From what we have seen in the media reports Diddy became frustrated with the treatment of Colin Kaepernick .  This sparked the idea of buying a team.  Most thought it was just Diddy letting off some steam but it seems as though he was serious.  They reporting that he has reached out to a number of people including current NBA super star Stephen Curry.  now before you say what's the big deal think about the impact this could have on the NFL.  Let's say the first thing Diddy does is hire Colin.  that alone would make a huge statement i the NFL.  think of the creative marketing expertise Diddy will bring to the franchise.  Imagine all the endorsement deals, music half time performances etc. etc. etc.  Diddy might single handily revamp the entire NFL landscape!  Hit this link for more info Diddy buying NFL team with NBA's Stephen Curry.