Highest Paid Actors On TV!

 Here are the highest paid TV actors.

20. Pauley Perrette

Salary: $8,500,000Show: NCISRole: Abby ScoutAlthough $8.5 million isn’t exactly chump change, it’s telling that there’s such a huge difference between Pauley Perrette’s salary and that of her NCIS co-star, Mark Harmon. There are still plenty of equality strides to be made on a show that’s been around since before the iPhone and Facebook.  BTW..i don't see it that way...Mark Harmon is the bigger star...

19. Robin Wright

Salary: $9,000,000Show: House of Cards

18. Priyanka Chopra(Shila that's your girl)

Salary: $10,000,000Show: QuanticoRole: Alex ParrishPriyanka Chopra became the first South Asian actor to headline an American network drama series when she signed on to star in ABC’s Quantico.  

17. Kerry Washington

Salary: $11,000,000Show: ScandalRole: Olivia Pope

16. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Salary: $11,000,000Show: Modern FamilyRole: Mitchell Pritchett

15. Ed O'Neill

Salary: $12,000,000Show: Modern FamilyRole: Jay Pritchett, Ed O’Neill’s life’s work has essentially been playing sitcom fathers: first it was Al Bundy on FOX’s Married… with Children, and now it’s Jay Pritchett on Modern Family. It can be argued that he has the added bonus of being married to Sofia Vergara on TV(Too bad it's not real) LOL

14. Kevin Spacey-I hope he saved his money$$$$

Salary: $12,000,000Show: House of CardsRole: Frank Underwood

13. Julie Bowen

Salary: $12,000,000Show: Modern FamilyRole: Claire Dunphy..

12. Eric Stonestreet

Salary: $12,500,000Show: Modern FamilyRole: Cameron Tucker

11. Mariska Hargitay

Salary: $12,500,000Show: Law & Order: Special Victims UnitRole: Olivia Benson.

10. Ellen Pompeo

Salary: $13,000,000Show: Grey’s AnatomyRole: Meredith Grey..In a February interview, Ellen Pompeo penned a badass essay for The Hollywood Reporter in which she openly discussed her salary negotiations in the name of transparency and equality in a male-dominated industry. According to CNBC, Pompeo now makes $20 million for her role on the show, making her the highest-paid actress on a primetime drama.

9. Mindy Kaling

Salary: $13,000,000Show: The Mindy ProjectRole: Mindy Lahiri

8. Ty Burrell

Salary: $13,500,000Show: Modern FamilyRole: Phil Dunphy

7. Mark Harmon

Salary: $19,000,000Show: NCISRole: Leroy Jethro Gibbs

6. Kunal Nayyar

Salary: $25,000,000Show: The Big Bang TheoryRole: Raj Koothrapali

5. Simon Helberg

Salary: $26,000,000Show: The Big Bang TheoryRole: Howard Wolowitz..BTW each of the 5 stars on big bang make the same salary.

4. Kaley Cuoco

Salary: $26,000,000Show: The Big Bang TheoryRole: Penny

3. Johnny Galecki

Salary: $26,500,000Show: The Big Bang TheoryRole: Leonard Hofstadter

2. Jim Parsons

Salary: $27,500,000Show: The Big Bang TheoryRole: Sheldon CooperJim Parsons earns the most out of The Big Bang Theory co-stars, due in large part to his side projects. In addition to Big Bang, he produces and narrates Young Sheldon, a CBS spin-off about a young Sheldon Cooper, which debuted in 2017. He also had a role in 2016’s Hidden Figures and has done a few gigs with Sirius radio.

1. Sofia Vergara...The highest paid actress on tv..is a LATINA..NICE!

Salary: $41,500,000Show: Modern FamilyRole: Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Sofia Vergara knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s been the top earning actress in TV for six years now, and it’s because of her businesswoman mindset: aside from her $1 million per episode salary with Modern Family, she’s got licensing deals with Rooms To Go, Avon, and SharkNinja as well as endorsements for Pepsi, CoverGirl, and Head & Shoulders.

Side note..the only way to get rich..is to have multiple streams of income..