Justin Timberlake Has A Message For The Phillies

The Phillies are recharged and ready to go for the new season, especially thanks to new coach Gabe Kapler, and this week in Clearwater, got a message from a famous superstar for them to BE BOLD!

Philly.com reports:

"Seven televisions flashed the same message five weeks ago when the Phillies entered a downtown Clearwater restaurant on the eve of spring training. Be Bold.

The Phillies were there for an introductory dinner, and the invitations — from manager Gabe Kapler — told the players and staff to wear whatever made them “feel confident.” Kapler wore a tailored suit. The manager adopted those two words — Be Bold — as his mantra after being hired last October. Kapler, who can double as a motivational speaker, told his players that night that they would play with conviction and intent. They would bring intensity and a fearless attitude. And the clubhouse would be a place where the players could feel free to be themselves. That’s what it means, Kapler said, to be bold.

“Hey, this message is for the Phillies,” a voice boomed from the screen.

It was Justin Timberlake, the pop music star. If all those in that restaurant were not already aware that this season would be different, they were now. The Phillies, for the first time in franchise history, were beginning their season by being addressed by a Grammy winner. Timberlake carried a familiar message.

“Be bold,” he said."