Wendy’s Is Getting In The Rap Game

Wendy’s is going after its competitors once again, but this time the fast good restaurant isn’t sending Tweets or having rap battles on Twitter. Wendy’s just dropped a mixtape and we know what you’re thinking … but reviews are actually good!

The mixtape, called “We Beefin?” is five songs and 10 minutes long and you can get it on Spotify and Apple Music. Listen to Queen Wendy rap songs like “Twitter Fingers,” and “Rest in Grease,” calling out fast food rivals, especially McDonald’s, with lyrics like “You No. 1? That’s a joke/Why you ice cream machine always broke?”

And believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a food company got into hip hop. Hamburger Helper released their own “shockingly good” mixtape back in 2016. So who’s gonna be next? Fingers crossed Mickey D’s has a comeback coming.

Source: Esquire