Did Tekashi 69 get trolled by king of trolls 50?

So many people were looking at this and saying 50 co-signed Tekashi 69 but others are saying 69 was trolled by the king of all trolls Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.  So how did he do it?  Well when you watch the video two things you will notice.  50 doesn't say much except for one sentence.  "Yeah he's the King of New York"....and laughs and then yells something like yeah it's rigged in reference to Tekashi's current situation with XXL Magazine's Freshman Class voting "procedures" and wether or not it's rigged after his video disappeared for 12 hours.   You can see that video by clicking this link here Tekashi and 50 Cent show up on video and talk XXL being rigged......Now back to this video.  50 Cent has this laugh and look as if he's saying "yeah ok this kid right here is the King of New York....ha ha ha......man it's the ultimate troll.  WHY?  Think about it.  This kid who you can not deny got the Hip Hop industry amped right now can not possibly call himself the King of New York standing next to the likes of 50 Cent who s worth millions and has made a fortune from music and smart business deals.  50 knows it and Tekashi knows it too.  Watch the video and decide co-sign or the ultimate troll?