Cardi B getting anxiety over sales predictions.

Cardi B has almost become a household name.  I think after this album drops she WILL be a household name.  Household name means eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrbody and the Grand Ma will know who she is.  She posted her album cover?  Almost at 2 million views which has people wondering will her album sell that crazy?  Will Cardi break records?  I think the answer is "that's a strong possibility".  We have so many ways for her fans to buy her music she could see record numbers.  Think about if say a female Hip Hop artist like Lauren Hill had social media when she dropped MissEducation?  L Boogie would have definitely broke records.  Side note: That is still considered one of the best Hip Hop albums ever!  Cardi B says all these predictions are giving her anxiety. Hit the link to see how Cardi B tells people to stop with the predictions!