We Finally Know Who The Beyonce Biter Is

Sure, she's denied it, but now it can be told – Sanaa Lathan has been confirmed by multiple sources as the person who bit Beyoncé on the face.

Word is that Sanaa had been talking to Jay-Z at the D’Usse VIP party backstage after his Los Angeles gig in Los Angeles in December. She reportedly got a little handsy - and that's when Bey stepped in. And that's allegedly when Lathan (playfully) bit Beyoncé on the chin. As we told you before, that’s when Tiffany Haddish said she was ready to fight...but Bey calmed her down. 

A source who was at the party said, “It’s a big thing in the moment at the party. Everyone was talking about how anyone would dare to do that.” One person we know didn't do the "confirming?" Haddish, who has already said she signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Source: Page Six