Questions Couples Were Asked Before Their Wedding!

A thread on the anonymous Whisper app has couples revealing the most outrageous things they were asked before their wedding.  So Funny!

Outrageous questions couples were asked before the wedding include:

  • “So far I’ve had a friend request everything be on the bottom floor of the venue because he has a ‘fear of heights’…Dude really???”
  • “Received a call from my neighbor ON my wedding day. ‘Ugh, hey our daughter’s soccer team just advanced to the regionals. Can the whole team and their parents come to your (black tie) wedding to celebrate?”
  • “My husband’s stepmom had the balls to ask us to invite his ex-wife to the wedding.”
  • “My ex-fiancé wanted to be IN the wedding…big nope on that one.”
  • “My fiance’s grandmother asked if she could bring potato salad. I thanked her and gently explained we had a caterer.”
  • “If my mom’s new boyfriend could bring like six friends to the wedding because it was his culture. I hadn’t even met the guy and he wants to bring his posse? No. Got called a bridezilla.”
  • “My fiancé asked if we could just get Little Caesar’s for the reception.”
  • “To change my date because she was stressed with the idea of what to wear and how to arrive.”
  • “The best man’s girlfriend demanded that there not be any peppers in the meal, that there be rose wine, and that she would not be sat on a table with one of my uncles.” 

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