Tom Brady Apparently Still Hasn't Congratulated Nick Foles

So by now, nearly May, we figured that MAYBE Tom Brady would've congratulated Nick Foles on the Super Bowl win, because he didn't do it the day of the Super Bowl, or after. In a new interview, Foles opened up about how he and Brady STILL haven't talked!

PhillyVoice reports:

"Foles was asked if he has heard from Brady yet.

"We haven't (talked), and I'm sure we will some day," Foles said. "You all saw it. You all were there. Chaos happens very quickly. When the clock hit zero, I got to enjoy one second to myself and then for the next four hours it's a blur. It's one of those things where it's crazy, and I think the world of Tom Brady. He's the greatest ever. I really enjoyed getting to compete against him and his team on that stage. I know some day I'll run into him and we'll have a great conversation.

"I still think he's a tremendous player, and a great role model for everyone."