Here Are The 80s Fashion Trends You’ll See This Summer

Fashion Trends come and go and those who follow looks coming down the runways say looks from the ‘80s are back for summer. Some of us are cringing at the thought because we associate that decade with big, crunchy hair and bad shoulder pads, but there’s more to to than just the tacky stuff.

Designers are putting their own spin on some of the most iconic looks from the ‘80s to make them modern and here are three big trends we’ll be seeing more of this summer.

  • Puffy sleeves & shoulder pads - Brands like Stella McCartney and Gucci are embracing the ballooning sleeves and statement shoulders look. But this time they’re done right, so they’re more refined and paired with something more fitted.
  • Bike shorts - These days bike shorts can be athleisure, but now designers are also putting them with more buttoned-down looks, like with long blazers and structured jackets, so the shorts barely peep out underneath. They kind of look like a pencil skirt like that, but we’re not sure these will meet office dress codes.
  • Tulle - It’s that itchy stuff dance costumes and prom dresses were made of and now being used by designers to make entire dresses. Some are going for sheer looks to be worn over other clothes, or with a fancy bra and undies set if you’re feeling extra.

Source: Elite Daily

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