Woman Shatters Popeyes Window Because Her Meal Didn’t Come With A Drink

You know... we all get upset sometimes at fast food restaurants when it's taking too long, the customer service is rude, or they forget something. However, we usually keep our cool and remember that these people are making minimum wage and it's just not. that. serious. This woman, though... took it to a whole extra level when she didn't get her drink.

VIBE reports on what maybe one of the biggest over dramatic episodes in a fast food restaurant we've seen in a while LOL:

"According to NBC 4, the unidentified woman walked into the fast-food restaurant located on Forest Avenue at 8:30PM on April 8 and ordered their  “$4 Wicked Good Deal.” An employee who did not want to be identified said the woman was drunk and angry because her meal didn’t come with a soda. The Popeyes’ meal comes with wicked chicken strips, a side of your choice, a biscuit and a dipping sauce. Whatever drink the customer wants is an extra purchase.

The employee told the woman she may have confused Popeyes’ meal with Wendy’s $4 meal deal,  but the woman had become to irate to be reasoned with at this point. Footage from the fiery encounter shows the woman flipping an employe off before grabbing a chair and smashing the Popeyes window. She is described as African-American between the ages of 18 to 25 years old. At the time of the encounter she was seen wearing a pink bandana, black jacket and jeans."

The woman who was dealing with her said to the local NBC affiliate: “Hopefully they find her, I don’t want her in this store." I mean, I get it... if I was working at Popeyes and some woman exploded on me and broke glass because she didn't get her drink... I wouldn't want her to come back either! 😂