A New Jersey Creamery Is Making Pork Roll Ice Cream

Usually when we hear about crazy new flavors of stuff, we're pretty enticed because they sound they're a little whacky, but they could still taste good. This one though... we're not entirely sold on. A New Jersey creamery has announced that they are debuting Pork Roll ice cream. Yes... PORK ROLL. I'm not 100% sure that's a flavor that needs to be an ice cream, but hey, I mean I guess it could surprise us?

PhillyVoice reports:

Windy Brow Farms, a dairy farm in Fredon Township in Sussex County, revealed the first-ever Taylor ham ice cream, launching the first of its “Only in Jersey” ice cream collection.

Because ice cream simply flavored like pork roll would be “gross,” at least according to Windy Brow managing partner Jake Hunt, he sweetened the deal by adding maple and French toast to the creation. For each 2.5 gallon container of the ice cream, there are about two pounds of Taylor ham.