Lester Holt interviews Meek. #JusticeReform

Meek has been on probation for over 10 years.  That is not a typo.  10 years.  If you go back to the beginning when he first was arrested you will see that he had a bad deal from the moment they yelled "freeze!".  He claims he was beaten by the arresting officers and was charged with pointing a gun at one of the police officers and that is where his nightmare starts.  He would go in and out of the same judges courtroom and she would pile on more probation every time he violated.  He once was charged with violating his parole for riding a dirt bike in the city and popping a wheely.   Well fast forward to today after numerous attorneys, DAs, sports team owners and celebrities call for his release Meek is given a break when an investigator hired by Sixers co-owner Mike Rubin finds that the arresting officer way back when Meek was just 19 might have lied about that night Meek was arrested.  He claimed Meek pointed a gun at him which the court is finding out only now that it might have been a false claim by the officer who was found to have been involved in criminal activity along with other "dirty cops".  Meek was released from prison and flown by helicopter right to the Sixers game.  Meek in an interview that aired tonight told Lester that he was going to fight hard for Justice Reform and even has a hashtag already #JusticeReform.  



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