Stormy Daniels appearance in N.E. Philly this week.

Stormy Daniels will make an appearance at a Philly strip club.  She will be at The Penthouse in Northeast Philly today and tomorrow.  Source: Philly Voice Stormy performing in Philly this week! 

Stormy Daniels continues to grab the spotlight.  this past weekend she appeared on SNL and the internet can't stop talking about it.  Stormy is in the middle of a ugly battle with Michael Cohen ex attorney for President Trump.  Stormy claims her and #45 had an affair while he was married and expecting a child.  Trump denied it but reports say it did happen.  Not sure how this will effect his position as President but it looks bad for him.  Trump has been quoted for saying some real nasty things about people but this for some reason seems like it might be the one thing that brings him down.  News reports say Stormy was paid "hush money" to keep the affair a secret but since Donald never signed it it's non-void.  Check out the video from her appearance on SNL.  Trumps new attorney ex NY mayor Rudy Giuliani said that this video was not a good look for Stormy.  He said it shows she is just looking for a pay check.