50 clowns ASAP Rocky's GUCCI ad pics & the world reacts.

50 had issues with this picture of ASAP Rocky holding a bag.  Some of the comments were very harsh.  It seems as though GUCCI is reaching out to the Urban/Hip Hop community in hopes to I guess sell more clothing but they would have to bring them prices down just a bit for me.  GUCCI is mad expensive but I do have the GUCCI Guilty cologne but that was like 89$ for a small bottle! I think a GUCCI Tee Shirt is like $500 in some places..LOL!  I saw a GUCCI belt at $800.  I saw a pair of GUCCI sneakers for $2000!  And why do I always have to capitalize GUCCI?!  From now on it's Gucci to me.  #carryon