P Diddy's Revolt TV laying off a 3rd of the staff.

Really not sure how to see this but it kind of got me worried because Revolt TV is one of the very few African American owned networks and we would hate to see it fail.  According to CEO Roma Khanna Revolt needs to downsize in order to stay fiscally strong.  Revolt announced that it will be laying off 50 employees which is about a third of their staff.  Revolt seems to be doing well but some say this may be a bad sign for what's to come for Revolt while some say companies restructure all the time to meet fiscal demands.  Revolt is still a young network and one good thing is that it's still here. You can read more about Revolt's restructuring at Revolt lays off 50 employees.   I Heart Radios "Breakfast Club" airs on Revolt TV.    Check out video below with Tekashi 69.