Wiz Khalifa disses Drake tells driver to turn Drake song off.

Wiz got into the Uber drivers car and heard Drake's "For Free" playing and abruptly tells him to "turn that shit off turn on some G Shit".  I can almost guarantee you this is going to start some beef between the two.  If Drake hears that Wiz basically said that Drake's music is soft.  It's not G.  It's not gangster.  In the Hip Hop world some may take that as a serious dis.  What did Wiz mean?  Doesn't he like Drake's music or was he straight hating.  Like seriously.  At first I figured ok he's getting into a car and hears Drake and he's on his IG or whatever so he might be thinking it's promotingDrake on his sh*t so he says "turn it off".  But it's what he said afterwards that has the internet buzzing.  He then said "turn that off, turn on some G sh*t".  That to many was a dis.  Will Drake respond?  I think he will. Know why?  Wiz can't go against Drake when it comes to spitting on the mic.  Point blank.  I like Wi and his music but when it comes to being more lyrical then Drake he can't win.  Drake would eat him alive.  But then again you never know Wiz might be a beast in hiding just waiting for someone to take the bait.  There is a part of the Hip Hop community that see Hip Hop almost as a sport.  If I were to bet on these two my money is on Drake.  Drake was challenged once live on stage but as you will see in the video underneath Wiz he didn't want no smoke.