'Butt Rip Jeans' Are The New Trend & Everyone Is Seriously Confused

It feels like every few months we have some weird type of jeans that comes out from a retailer most of us haven't heard of before, and everyone just sits there scratching their heads. Is it because there is actually people buying it? Is it just to get publicity? Who knows. But these new butt rip jeans are cheaper than most ($34), since a lot of the ones that make the news are usually outrageously priced, which makes them even crazier.

The Insider reports more info:

"Clothing brand Pretty Little Thing has raised some questions and eyebrows with a pair of black jeans sold on their website. The online retailer's "Black distressed bum rip high-waisted skinny jean" look like your typical pair of black jeans in the front, but turned around, feature large rips right under your bum — before turning back into regular pants.

According to Pretty Little Thing's website, the bum rip jeans allow you to "flaunt some skin" with a "flattering high-waisted fit and distressed bum detail."

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