Charlie Puth sex tape? I must have been out sick that day.

Well let me be very clear.  When I saw the headline I thought sex tape?  Charlie Puth?  So I watched the video and I see why they are calling it a sex tape.  Although he has on pants he might as well be naked.  There are scenes in this music video that are pretty much soft porn or they draw the line very thin. To be honest I was a little surprised because Charlie has a pretty clean cut image.  He also looks very young in this video almost a teen.  Like 16.  Go figure it has like 5 million views.  If you have not seen this video yet and you are a Charlie Puth fan you will either love it or hate it.  Leave a comment if you'd like. 

Update: I researched his rumored "real" Charlie Puth sex tape and only came across some dude with the same name that puts out sex videos.  #carryon