Instagram Has A Way to Deal with Annoying People!

Soon you will be able to mute people on Instagram like you are able to do on Facebook.  Coming in a few weeks is your ability to hide people on Instagram instead of completely unfriending them, just like Facebook.  Leah Remini's show with Kevin James is cancelled..I was sad to hear that, but Leah has a new project in the works .  She will now tackle Jehovah's Witnesses, I'm so interested to see what she uncovers.  Finally, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is very close to setting records!!  Season 13 is on the way, but they are in talks to sign up for 14, and 15, which would make it the longest running sho that's not animated.  That honor would go to the Simpsons with 29 seasons.  Your Full Headlines and Hollywoods can be found below!