NFL Imposes Fines For Kneeling!

Headlines and Hollywood's big story is coming from the NFL! Commissioner Roger Goodell has now said that he will impose fines for any player or team personal who kneels openly during the anthem.  Now, from my understanding you can silently protest by staying in the locker room during the anthem as well.  What are your thoughts? 

Lenny Dykstra, former Phillies Outfielder, was arrested early Wednesday am around 3:30am for allegedly threatening an Uber driver.  Police said they did not find a weapon, but they did find cocaine, MDMA, and marijuana.  

And finally, one of my favorite shows, The Chew," will be cancelled after 7 seasons over the the Mario Batali situation and his sexual abuse allegations.  However, he was already removed from the show so I don't know why they needed to cancelled it.  A 3rd hour of GMA will take it's place at 1pm eastern time.  Listen to the full segment below!