Pusha T disses Drake. Drake disses T and Kanye.

This just hit the internet not too long ago.  Just in time for your Holiday some Hip Hop Beef for your barbecue.  First this so called war of words between Pusha T and Drake has been going on for some time.  I think the reason why this particular diss is getting traction is in my opinion how blatant it is.  Pusha T does not hold back in his song entitled "Infrared" where goes at Drake and Lil Wayne.  In a sentence he dissed Drake using a well know ghost writer by the name of Quentin Miller which Quentin denied saying he and Drake only collaborated on songs he never considered himself a ghost writer.  He also went at Lil Wayne saying in the new track that Weezy was broke and that's why he's still touring.  He said he can't retire because he has no money and that the reason why he is broke is because Baby stole it all.   Lil Wayne and Baby have been rumored to have squashed their differences and may be working together again after they were seen at numerous places hugging or hanging out.