Sixers Believe GM Colangelo Had No Knowledge Of Twitter Accounts

While the Sixers' investigation into president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo's Twitter fiasco is ongoing, the general belief within the organization is that it believes Colangelo's assertion that he had no knowledge of the Twitter accounts, did not send the messages or had known the messages were being sent, according to a source.

Thing is—regardless of what they believe—the team still needs to decide if they can go forward with Colangelo after sensitive team information went public.

The team's ownership group met for several hours last night to discuss the findings of the probe and whether they were grounds for termination.

Colangelo has denied having any knowledge of the tweets, claiming he was "fully unaware" of the burner accounts. He even said last week to that "someone's out to get me."

Thing is, that someone may be his wife, Barbara Bottini.

If it turns out that it was her, and the Sixers fire Colangelo over this, my guess is Colangelo may be separating from more than just the Sixers.

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