Kanye West All 7 songs on Bill Board. Ties record!

Kanye West has managed to stay on top despite obstacles.  If you would have asked someone a month ago if they were going to purchase, listen to or support Kanye's new album "Ye" album they may have said hell no!  But the more people found out about Kanye and his personal demons like being Bi-Polar I think people feel differently.  Some may even feel a bit guilty for judging him.  It's either a brilliant marketing  scheme or he is truly putting hisself out there for the world to see and they reacted.  Was him being Bi-Polar the reason he had such a public meltdown like on TMZ?  Was Kanye having a bad day that day?  Meeting with President Trump caused up a stir as well.  His comment "I Love Trump" had the Trump haters up in a roar.  Was all that being blamed on him being Bi-Polar?  I have no idea.  I do know that his fans are still supporting him and I think he has gained some new fans along the way.  Some for his support of the President, some for supporting people who suffer from being Bi-Polar and the curious at large.  How many people were asking who is this Kanye guy? Sometimes things start out bad and end on a good note.  My personal opinion is we can be hard on people but in the end we are all human.  Kanye's mental disorder is nothing to joke about and if he is in fact Bi-Polar then he should definitely be given a pass for some of his behavior.  the Trump thing unfortunately there is no cure for that.  LOL!  Just kidding.  Listen your politics are none of my business.  For me it's about the music and apparently Kanye has put out a body of work that has garnished him with all 7 tracks on the album in the Billboard Top 100 I would say that is a huge accomplishment only ever achieved by the late great "God Father Of Soul" Mr. James Brown.  "Ye" has also tied the record with The Beatles and Eminem