Reading High's Lonnie Walker could become a Sixer.

Lonnie Walker is from my home town of Reading Pa.  Reading is a small city some call it "Lil Philly".  It has it's problems.  Being designated as on of the country's most poorest city's Reading is very rich at heart.  Lonnie has been a basketball stand out for some time eventually playing for the Miami Hurricanes.  Sixers are taking a close look at Lonnie and could possibly be bringing him into the Sixer organization.   To be honest I'm a "basic fan" meaning I support the home team but might not keep up or know all the stats and detials about each player like some people do but we support the home team and Sixers are just that.  To see Lonnie play for the Sixers would not only be a great thing but will inspire thousands of young people in a city where heroes are needed on a daily basis.  Good luck Lonnie!