Rumors that Lebron and Beyonce affair debunked.

There have been rumors that Beyonce and LeBron James had an affair.  Apparently this was just a rumor and has no merit whatsoever.  Many people believe that the couple renewed their vows because of their cheating on each other.  Jay Z has been know to have had an affair with designer Rachel Roy but someone close to LeBron who is also pushing a book said he had proof that Beyonce had an affair with James and that James had a baby with another women.  He's pushing for a book deal or has a book deal and claims he will release it with al the info.  Now I would agree that he's looking for a pay day but I think it's important to note that he use to go out with Jame's Mother or Aunt or something. Someone who might know the inside scoop. But hay it makes for good stories.  I still do not for the life of me know why Jay would cheat on Beyonce.  What happened?  She is drop dead gorgeous and we all know how successful she is.  They are one of the biggest power couples in history.  So why would he risk loosing her and possibly loosing everything.   I guess we will never know.  By the way I do not believe Beyonce cheated on Jay at all.  #carryon