Jay Z and Beyonce drop surprise album diss Drake.

Well I guess when you're so called "wounded" they will go at you even harder.  Some would say Drake is wounded after that Pusha T diss record.  Well Jay Z and Beyonce dropped a new album over the weekend and people are saying they are definitely taking shots at Drake.  Kicking him when he's down?  Or was this planned?  Does Jay Z have an issue with the Canadian rapper? Well some say absolutely.  When Jay was putting together Tidal ha had Drake on board then Drake jumped ship for what they say was a more profitable deal.  They say Jay did not like that at all and they say his relationship with Drake fell off because of it.  So will Jay continue the onslaught on Drake or will Hova  have mercy on him?  Time will tell.  Here is the new video by the Carters.  Check it out. You can also read more about it by hitting this link Jay Z coming at Drake on new song?