Phanatic's Flying Hot Dog Leaves Phillies Fan With Facial Injuries

Anyone that has ever bought a ticket to any major sporting events knows they take their lives into their own hands in terms which is why they always have to be alert for flying bats, balls, pucks, and players.

But Monday night at Citizen’s Bank Park, one Philadelphia Fan was struck by something none of us ever saw coming—especially her.

And that would be a projectile hot dog… fired out of a high powered hot dog canon shot by the Phillie Phanatic. 

Now, in defense of the lovable Phanatic, he has been launching hot dogs into the stands at Philadelphia Phillies games for years—dating all the way back to Veterans Stadium—without any injuries.

That changed Monday night.

Using his customary launcher, the Phanatic sent a hot dog to fans behind home plate, where Kathy McVay was sitting. And McVay—who was nursing a shoulder injury—which may or not have been hot do related—was unable to catch or deflect the hot dog

Which is why the duct taped dog struck her in the face causing a black eye and several other contusions which sent McVay to the hospital for a Cat scan. She did not, just one bruised up face.

Well the good news is McVay says she's a big fan of the team and doesn't plan legal action even though the she has to apply ice to her facial injury every 20 minutes.

The Phillies reached out to McVay on Tuesday to apologize, and they have offered her tickets to a future game when she wants to return.

Let’s hope it’s behind netting and nowhere near a concession stand.

Source: WPVI 6 Philadelphia 

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