Signs You Shouldn't Get Married, RIP Vader, Phillies Hot Dog Incident!

Headlines & Hollywood airs every weekday morning at 6:05a, 7:05a, and 8:05a with me! Here's everything you need to know for Thursday, 6/21:

  • Signs you shouldn't get married from Relationship Rabbi! Rabbi Judy Greenfield says that some of the signs are: 1) They're abusive, 2) You're always giving in to your partner and 3) You're not fully aware of their past! For more info, click HERE!
  • Akon launches a new cryptocurrency! It is called "Akoin" (get it?) but I still don't get it. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin still don't make any sense to me! More details HERE!
  • Bethlehem council votes to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana! The new vote will make the penalty similar to a traffic fine.  More details HERE!
  • WWE Legend Vader Dies! The legendary wrestler passed away from heart complications.  He was 63 years old. For more info, click HERE!
  • Instagram has launched IGTV to compete against YouTube! The new format will add long form video and you can upload up to an hour! For more info, click HERE! 
  • The Philly Phanatic launched a hot dog into poor Kathy McVay's face!  At a game on Monday, Kathy got hit right in the eye with a hot dog from the Phanatic's hot dog gun! She laughed it off, and said she is doing just fine! :)) More details HERE!

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