Quadruple-Stuffed Oreos Are Apparently Going To Be A Thing

You thought Oreos were going to sit back and NOT let a quadruple-stuffed option happen? Nope! After coming through with a LOT of flavors over the past few years, including most recent options like Pina Colada, Cherry Cola (nope), and Kettle Corn, but THIS is the news we've been waiting for! If you were wondering, wait, there was a triple-stuffed option? Yep! The current "Mega Stuf" option is basically a triple stuf. According to Instagram foodie, "thejunkfoodguy", Oreo will be releasing "THE MOST STUF", it's 4x-stuffed option in early 2019, complete with a mock-up and everything. Check out his post below. We are definitely anticipating these A LOT...



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