Meek's monumental performance at BET Awards.

Meek put on a touching performance at the BET Awards.  There was a scene where a child was struck by a stray bullet and as she laid in the street her mother cried holding her lifeless body.  It was heart felt.  The song entitled "Stay Woke" talks about what is going on in the world today right here in our own communities.  When the officer appeared he covered the little girl in the street with an American flag as Meek rapped inferences about the NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem.  I noticed that after the performance many of his piers like J Cole have him a standing ovation.  Meek has transcended into a level where only few artists have gone in music period.  It's not just about music anymore it's about Meek the person, the man, the father, the parolee.  A man who from the looks of it has been taken advantage of by the very system that suppose to help him.  Meek is still fighting for his freedom to this day.  Most recently Meek requested a new trial based on the "crooked cop" evidence but the judge who's handling of the case in in question said "she needs more time to review Meek's case".  As I stated I will do my best to keep you updated on Meek's case with new updates as they are available.  Justice Fore Meek website...hit this link.