Rapper Lil Pump's XXL Freshmen Class 2018 Freestyle.

This is rapp phenom Lil Pump.  He is part of XXL's Freshmen Class 2018.  You can hear his freestyle by hitting the video below.  But also keep in mind this is the same kid that said J Cole was talking about him when he dropped a song called "1985" where Cole said "I see you made it out your Mama house, I hope you make enough buy your Mom a house".  Lil Pump fans assumed J Cole was talking about Lil Pump and some thought it was directed towards Lil Yachty.  Hit this link for more on that but I'd like to concentrate on his XXL freestyle.  What do you think?  This kid said he was only rapping less then a year or two?  His best friend a fellow rapper Lil Purp is actually a decent rapper.  I heard a few of his songs and I must say Purp sounds more "lyrical" then most of the new rappers that seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days. I like Lil Pump's music.  To me it's "great party music" which is what I think he was trying to say when he said "I ain't wit all that lyrical shit" .  When you listen to Lil Pump's XXL Freestyle below you will understand why people are questioning his success.  By his own admission it's not his "lyrical ability" so what makes it work for him?  Is this where Hip Hop is going or has it already gone there?  A place where lyrics no longer matter just the party.  Is there a place for more social Hip Hop and Lil Pump's "party music" that can be shared?  I think so.  J Cole's album went platinum and Lil Pump's music stays on the charts, reports say he signed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records.  If I'm not mistaken he might be doing something with Gucci which makes perfect sense being that his biggest hit to date is called "Gucci Gang".