Meek Mill's Lawyer goes at the Judge.

Meek's lawyers goes off on the Judge.  I'm not an attorney so I'm not going to claim I know the law like that but from what is being reported it looks as though the Judge has something against Meek that is not letting her release him or grant him a new trial.   Meek's attorney Joe Tacopina said that based on the evidence of the lying police officer alone should grant him a new trial especially since at least 3 other cases have been overturned due to the officer Regional Graham lying under oath.  He later admitted to lying to "secure convictions".  Meek's lawyer went on to call the judge "Immature, petulant and ignorant" for her decision.  That is very very troubling especially when it's people of color that are usually the ones that get railroaded.  The Judge has been accuses of having a personal vendetta against Meek and that is the reason she will not give him any breaks.  It makes you wonder what she is thinking or where she is getting legal advice from.  Is it her attorney that's telling her that she is in the right?  Why does she refuse to give Meek a new trial?  I'm no attorney but I think there is something more to this story.  Stay tuned.