HOT RUMOR! Drake & Kim affair while still married.

According to reports this is why Drake did not respond to Pusha T diss.

Many may not know J Prince but he was involved in Drake's career from the beginning especially his son.   Prince had said in an interview almost immediately after the last Pusha T diss song that Drake would no be responding.  When asked why he said he heard the record that Drake was going to drop but when he heard it he said no that's enough.   He said that it would destroy families.  Fast forward to the last say weeks or so and you have rumors about this diss record and what it might contain.  Rumor has it it's an affair between Drake and Kim Kardashian while still married to Kanye.  But there's more!  One of the rumors is that a tape exists of the two getting it on on camera and get this...Kanye was cool with it! Ok I know it sounds out there but it's Kanye and Kim...I mean they are amazing business people who are rich as hell it's not like they would care would I would have to say right?  Well maybe they do.  Either way it's what's being reported and for what it's worth I don't believe a word of it!  LOL!  I mean Kanye allowing Drake to sleep with Kim then record it?  Come on are you serious?! Hit the link and you tell me.