Drake dissed The Weeknd on Scorpion used MJ instead.

OK this is all speculation and I have to be honest I tried not to get caught up in Drake's emotional subliminal messaging on his new album Scorpion.  But this one if true will go down in history.  Why? The King of Pop is involved that's why.  According to reports Drake originally had The Weeknd on this song but took him off over a female.  The term used was "bro-code".  They are reporting that Drake hints that he slept with The Weeknd's girlfriend Bella Hadid. Drake then took The Weeknd off of the song and realizing putting Michael Jackson on it was the biggest "topper" ever.  The Drake saga continues.   BY THE WAY I'M STILL TRIPPING ON HOW HE GO THAT MJ VERSE?!?!?!