Taco Bell Has A New Line Of Wedding Accessories Out

Couples who love Taco Bell almost as much as they love each other can now bring the Bell to their nuptials. The fast food chain has come out with a new line of wedding clothing and accessories for those tying the knot. At Taco Bell’s online Taco Shop, you can find items like the Sauce Packet Bowtie and the Sauce Packet Garter, just to name a few.

But if you’re not into wearing your love for Fire Sauce on your wedding day, they’ve got more subdued merch, too. There’s the classic “Mr.” and “Mrs.” shirts, that come with a “tasteful” Taco Bell logo with “Just Married” on the back. And of course, the collection includes a “Just Married” Champagne Glass Set, two six-ounce “crystal styrene plastic” flutes for just $10.

You could pick up every Taco Bell wedding accessory available and it’d only cost you $110, which isn’t much to combine your two loves. Of course, if you’re really a fan, you could make a reservation to have your nuptials at the Party Room at the Las Vegas Cantina Restaurant. A full-out Taco Bell wedding includes the wedding accessories at the Taco Shop, a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake, and a Taco 12-Pack to share with up to 15 guests. Now that’s really living mas.

Source: Elite Daily

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