So it begins. The Drake & Michael Jackson backlash.

Interesting.  The first thing I said when I heard "It's Don't Matter To Me" was how the hell did Drake get that?!  and WHO gave him permission?!  I think it's definitely a hot song but I asked my self why would they allow Drake to put a "sample" of an unreleased MJ song rather then put out a new single from the King of Pop?  Now for the record I give Drake mad props for being able to pull it off but now the family is weighing in and they on the other hand are not.  Some say it's the family members that were cut out of making any kind  of money off of MJ's music.  But some say NO we rather have MJ's new music released.  One point made was if we have to wait for the Jacksons to approve every use of MJ's music we will never get any new MJ music.  What do you think?  Listen to the song below and feel free to leave a comment.   I also put a link to Drake and Michael Jackson's music below as well.  Enjoy!