Fake Eagles Super Bowl Rings Found!

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Fake Super Bowl rings were found and seized by Philadelphia Custms and Border Protection recently. These rings were coming in from Hong King and the shipment contained 108 very "poorly crafted" rings.  Read the FULL story HERE! 

Walking Dead star, Jeffery Dean Morgan," and his wife Hilarie Burton are putting out a message to all fans to stop bothering them at their personal residence.  Fans will come to thier house, knock on the door take pictures etc.  He put a statement out on Twitter to address this problem.  Read the FULL story HERE!    

Finally, a study discovered how much air is in the chips you buy at the store and apparently we are getting SCAMMED! Fritos came in with the LEAST amount of air at 19% but my favorite, Cheetos, was the worst coming in at 59%!  Read the FULL article Here!

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