French Montana has to pay 2 Mil to Waka Flaka Mom.

French Montana got sued for 2 Mil and has been ordered by a judge to pay it to Waka Flaka's Mother.  Her name is Debra Antney.  She is Waka Flaka's mom and manager.  She has also worked with Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and a few other big name rappers.  She had French Montana under her roster.  She claims French made a bunch of deals without her knowledge and sued French for 2 Mil.  A judge ruled in her favor and she was awarded the 2 million.  As of yet I have not scene any response from French.  Maybe he's just going to pay and her and let it go.  After all she is well known and well respected and it actually might not be in his best interest to try to take her money.  I hear she is very "well connected" in the business.