New Survey Reveals Whether People Eat Mac & Cheese With A Fork or Spoon

In honor of National Macaroni and Cheese Day on July 14th (which should absolutely be a holiday in our opinion), classic Mac and Cheese company Annie’s did a survey asking whether people eat their Mac and Cheese with a fork or a spoon. We thought things would be a little more split, but the survey revealed that 71 percent of adults prefer to eat their Mac with a FORK! Only 28 percent said they’d like to eat with a spoon. Now, their wasn’t a “both” option, which we think might’ve divided people a little more. Another interesting tidbit in the survey was that parents in 41 out of 50 states say that “giving their kids a spoon to eat this particular dish is easier” … which completely goes against the original survey’s results! Very interesting, don’t you think? HA! Chime in with our poll below!

To make you a little hungry, here's a video of mac on fries. LOL.